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Ken Robichaud | December 23rd, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Spamstravaganza! – Day 23


We’re almost done and I was admittedly disappointed yesterday, so let’s hope for an upturn.

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Ace Kim | December 23rd, 2015 | LEGO Ideas, News

21303 WALL•E Service Packs Arriving In Mailboxes

WALL-E Fix - 1

I FINALLY got my service pack to update the neck joint for my copy of 21303 WALL•E. Included in the envelope was a letter of non-apology, a packing list, a small bag of parts, and two sets of instructions.

The folded instruction sheet that looks like it came from a polybag are to deconstruct the neck. The small booklet is where the fix is. The bag of parts is pretty sparse in terms of the number of new elements needed. The fix itself is simple and light compared to the McVeigh Modification which feels a bit more robust for whatever reason. Like McVeigh’s mod, LEGO’s solution also uses a ball joint, the same one used for WALL•E’s arms. I absentmindedly applied the fix before taking inventory of what was in the parts bag. You can probably scrounge up the parts from your own collection and download the updated instruction manual from LEGO directly to apply the fix yourself (start at step 92). There are no hard-to-get elements but despite that, if you bought a copy of the set, I highly suggest you call LEGO and request part number 6162839 Rework bag for 21303 and have them send you the parts. The service pack won’t cost you a dime.

The fix does wonders and WALL•E is now as perfect as can be. For those of you who have held off on buying this set because of the defect, if you order from LEGO Shop@Home the set you receive will have the service pack included. They open up the box, toss in the parts and instructions, and then re-seal it with an additional tape seal so now there are three pieces of tape instead of the usual two. I think this is how you’re supposed to tell if the WALL•E you are holding has the updated parts or not.

WALL-E Fix - 2 WALL-E Fix - 3 WALL-E Fix - 4 WALL-E Fix - 6 WALL-E Fix - 7 WALL-E Fix - 8 WALL-E Fix - 9 WALL-E Fix - 5

Now that LEGO has addressed the worst flaw in the entire set, I went back to my review of 21303 WALL•E and updated the score from 4 to a 5 out of 5 possible stars. I honestly think I was being generous in my initial assessment but now that it’s defect free, it is in my opinion one of the best sets to come out of Ideas.

I may give LEGO a hard time for their non-apology apology, but they finally came through and delivered a product that is up to their usual standards of quality. Why the model didn’t use a ball joint right from the start is beyond me.

Buy 21303 WALL•E from LEGO Shop@Home:

21303 Wall-E Box
Ace Kim | December 22nd, 2015 | LEGO Ghostbusters, Reviews

Review: 75827 Firehouse Headquarters

75827 Firehouse Headquarters - 1

The LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters set is as good as the Ghostbusters music video is bad. Let’s pause a moment and have a quick viewing to see just how terrible the music video is:

Yes, the set is that good. There are tons of details mixed together from Ghostbusters I and II packed into three levels. The minifig cast is nearly perfect. There’s going to be a lot of pictures in this review. So let’s take a closer look in our review of LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters, shall we?

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Ken Robichaud | December 22nd, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Spamstravaganza! – Day 22


Just three days left. Let the festivities begin!

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Ace Kim | December 21st, 2015 | News, Star Wars, The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens Breaks Box Office Records

JJ Abrams reads on his iPad about TFA’s record-breaking box office weekend

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the weekend’s final box office tally for The Force Awakens will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $528 million worldwide and of that $247 million was earned domestically, breaking the record for biggest box office weekend of any movie. The previous record-holder was Jurassic World at $524.9 million worldwide and $208.8 million domestic. It should be noted that TFA worldwide number does not include China where the movie has not debuted yet (the film will open on January 9th) whereas JW‘s number does include that market. Had the movie opened in China during the same weekend that worldwide number would have been much higher. Of course, these numbers don’t account for inflation, and if that were taken into account I’m pretty sure Gone With The Wind would still be number one.

I’ll be seeing it a third time with my kids during the holiday break.

via THR

Ace Kim | December 21st, 2015 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes

Amazon Discounts 76028 Darkseid Invasion by 31%

For all you last minute shoppers, this would make a good gift. For all you bargain hunters, it’s just another Monday. Amazon is discounting 76028 Darkseid Invasion by a whopping 31% dropping the $69.99 set down to just $47.99! That’s a $22.00 savings. This set includes minifigs of Cyborg, Hawkman, Superman, and Green Arrow and a bigfig of Darkseid himself.

I did not know this until a few minutes ago but it’s actually pronounced Darkside and not Darkseed like I originally thought. I’m a hoot at parties.

Ken Robichaud | December 21st, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Spamstravaganza! – Day 21


The Rebels had best be on there guard after the arrival of yesterdays infiltrator. Will they see some support today?

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Ace Kim | December 20th, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight, The LEGO Movie

tankm Updates His Star Wars Unikitty Crossover


Unikitty mega fan tankm updated his Star Wars Unikitty crossover project over the weekend and features a bunch of new and very familiar faces. Five new characters join the line-up: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Han Solo in Carbonite Block, Emperor Palpatine, and an Imperial Royal Guard. To date, he’s completed 19 characters and with a universe as vast as Star Wars is, he’s got a lot more source material to draw from.


My favorite is still R2-D2 and C-3PO

You can check out tankm’s flickr stream for more.

Ken Robichaud | December 20th, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Spamstravaganza! – Day 20


Day 19 saw some serious firepower on the side of the Rebel Alliance, maybe the Empire can take a different approach on day 20?

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Don | December 20th, 2015 | Contests, LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars: Evolved Rule Clarification

This is a brief update that I’m posting separately to make sure it gets noticed. I’ve added a clarification to the rules due to some confusion about the build challenge:

“Build your own updated version” means exactly what it says – you can’t modify an official set and submit it, you have to build your own updated version. Start from scratch.

I thought that went without saying, but so far we’ve had two members to go that route so I’ve amended the rules to make it explicitly clear. Sorry about that everyone.