LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy will be released tomorrow at a video game outlet near you. Are you as excited as I am? More? Less? To be honest with you, based on the footage I’ve seen thus far, I’m not too impressed. But I’ll reserve my final judgement ’til after I play through it.

As for the last poll, Will you be getting 10175 Vader’s TIE Advanced?, the majority of the votes tended to stay in the middle between Yes, eventually and No, too expensive, with only a fraction of you having pre-ordered it. With S@H chargin shipping AND tax, I don’t blame you. Here are the complete numbers.

  • Yes, already ordered! – 114
  • Yes, eventually – 467
  • Maybe – 419
  • No, too expensive. – 433
  • No, don’t like it – 372

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