We’re sliding down the hill towards the big day now, picking up speed as we go!

Day 18 – Jabba’s Palace

Interesting choice. I quite like this one and enjoy when they are able to make a place effectively at this scale. We got the Sarlacc Pit and the Ewok Tree House last year. I liked both of those little builds for the same reason I like this, a cute micro version of an official set. I know the generally held belief is that no one likes the play sets and they never live up to expectations, but I really enjoy them and often more than the vehicles. I was lucky to be able to get a hold of and review Jabba’s Palace and wish I could’ve gotten a chance to do the Ewok Village, but that never happened.

Kudos on how instantly recognizable this was at this scale, LEGO. So few iconic fictional buildings you could do that with. Maybe the Jedi Temple or the Hall of Justice. Those could be cool.

To Be Continued…