And once again, FBTB is left out in the cold. Much like the Sandcrawler announcement earlier this year, LEGO has failed to send us any of the assets so I’ve posted the designer video above. This set was revealed earlier at Brickcon in From what I gather from other sites, the set will cost US $199.99 and will be available starting January 1st, 2015. I’m not entirely certain that there would be early VIP access starting mid-December with the holidays and all. That’s usually the time they push the entire January wave out to retailers. You can check out the official pics that we didn’t get over at our friends at BZPower.

Update: These showed up in my inbox this morning. Better late than never I suppose. Anyways, enjoy!

75060_top_02 75060_top_01 75060_side_panel 75060_prod 75060_Minifigure_lineup 75060_front_callout 75060_front_01 75060_IN_MA.indd 75060_back_func_07 75060_back_func_06 75060_back_func_05 75060_back_func_04 75060_back_func_03 75060_back_func_02 75060_back_func_01 75060_back_04 75060_back_03 75060_back_02