Day 5 – Twin-Pod Cloud Car

(Singing) On cycle five of Life Day my first mate gave to me, a pair of ruby slippers
a bounty hunter’s hot rod,
a break-dancing pilot,
an impractical escape ship
and a dancing droid beneath the Life Tree.

If they had used red 1×1 bricks with studs on all four sides instead of bley this would have been a perfect score in my book, or if they had made it, y’know, orange. Using all red parts would have eliminated the need for the 1×1 tiles and given a slightly more rounded illusion, but I do like getting the tiny tiles. Either way, any trip in the way back machine to ESB is a win for me and this little patrol vehicle is pretty darn cute. I went to build something a while back and I needed a couple of those 1×1 red cones, discovered I had precisely none. You feel like you’re buried by bricks until you go looking for something specific and come up empty and surrounded by a few hundred thousand pieces you don’t need at the moment. The best thing about these micros to me is the fact that they are generally based more on their previous LEGO sets then the actual vehicles.

To be continued…