Day 18 - Y-wing
Day 18 – Y-wing

Well our Rebel Pilot has his choice of ships now. It’s like the ‘show us your rides’ portion of Cribs up in here! Star Wars Style. Seriously though this isn’t just anybodys Y-wing, it’s Anakin’s Clone Wars era long range bomber done up in its brand spanking new yellow and white colour scheme. By the time the rebels got their hands on these, they’d been through more than their fair share of used starfighter lots to be sure. In all honesty, I can’t tell whether this is OT or CW due to the tiny scale and not enough yellow here/too much there colouring. If this is supposed to be Anakin’s it needs work, if it’s not it still needs work. One thing’s certain though, it’s a Y-wing. ‘Nuff said.