Bring on more chibi starships!


This week’s set of reviews is sponsored by Brandon Griffith, one of the best LEGO artists I know. He works behind the scenes on the LEGO Masters show. He’s done statues for Comic Con, live installations, and has appeared in numerous art shows. You can follow him on Instagram at @brandongriffithart. He’s sponsored today’s set, as well as the ones you’ll see for the rest of this week. Thanks, Brandon!

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So if the lede wasn’t a big enough clue, this Milano mini is pretty chibi, pretty chunky, and because of that pretty satisfying.

The bulk of its mass is right in the body. I know that sounds obvious because where else would the center of mass be? But if you look at something like, the X-wing, it’s more or less spindly and kind of flat when the S-foils have not been locked in attack position. But our Milano? It is a chunky boi.

Sure, it’s got these three flaps on each side to look like wings, to try and spread itself out, but there’s no denying that it doesn’t quite work. The flaps are a bit oddly sized too. Too large based on this scale but I don’t think they could have been any other size unless they used 1×2 wedge plates would have been oh so adorable.

The rear has what I assume to be a pair of thrusters. They’re circular in shape and are attached by these pins that can be rotated. But I see these as feet and voilà!

You have yourself a Milano Go-Bot! How awesome is this?!?! Like totes awesome! And once you see the face, you can’t unsee. You’re welcome!

One last note: I love the way the Milano‘s nose was constructed.

Does It Suck or Does It Rock?


This set absolutely rocks my socks off! It’s chibi, it’s chunky, it looks like a mechanized manta ray when standing up. It’s awesome. I love this thing.

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