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John "jallenuk" Moore | January 13th, 2012 | News

Tonight – The Clone Wars: “A Friend In Need”

CW Friend in Need 2

Just a reminder that tonight on The Clone Wars we see the return of Death watch.

Lux Bonteri renounces Dooku and the Separatists, but where do his true loyalties lie now?

John "jallenuk" Moore | January 10th, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars

The Clone Wars: “A Friend In Need”

CW Friend in need1

Check out the preview video for the new episode of The Clone Wars.

A peace conference between Separatists and Republic delegates is interrupted by Lux Bonteri, the son of a late Separatist Senator, who involves Ahsoka in his dangerous search to find justice for his mother’s death.

A Friend in Need airs Friday.

Robert "Robzula" Davis | January 3rd, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, News

The Clone Wars: “Escape from Kadavo”

Clone Wars Ep. 13

Anakin tries to convince the Zygerrian Queen that she too is a slave and pawn in an evil Separatist plot. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan toils in the slave camps of Kadavo, a grim situation that grows increasingly bleak.

After over a month, the new episode of The Clone Wars, and conclusion to the current arc, will finally air this Friday. Check out the prevew video and then go re-watch the previous two episodes to refresh your memory on them.

John "jallenuk" Moore | November 28th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars

The Clone Wars: “Slaves Of The Republic”

CW Slaves of republic 1

This Friday continues  the new story arc that started with Kidnapped.

To locate the missing colonists, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka go undercover to infiltrate the slavers on Zygerria. Anakin struggles with his emotions as a wily Zygerrian queen forces him to take questionable actions in order to carry out his mission.

Check out the preview video for Slaves Of The Republic.

John "jallenuk" Moore | November 25th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars

Tonight – The Clone Wars: “Kidnapped”

CW Kidnapped 2

Just a reminder that we hit the halfway point of The Clone Wars Season 4 tonight with “Kidnapped”

Head to the forum after the episode and tell us what you thought of it and of the season so far.

John "jallenuk" Moore | November 22nd, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars

The Clone Wars: “Kidnapped”

CW Kidnapped 1

Friday kicks off a new story arc of The Clone Wars with Kidnapped. Watch the preview video of our heroes in action.

Zygerrian slavers are behind the sudden disappearance of an entire colony of people on the planet Kiros. As Anakin and Ahsoka rush to defuse a series of bombs planted by the slavers, Obi-Wan must fight with their imposing leader.

Tommy "roguefx" Williamson | November 16th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

AT-RT And Troopers – Both Standard And Shadow

AT-RT (Moodland Scale) V2

Here’s another brilliant “Mood Scale” creation from Kevin Ryhal. The AT-RT, or All Terrain Recon Transport, is clearly a predecessor to my beloved AT-ST, or “chicken walker”.

Shadow AT-RT (Moodland Scale)

Kevin’s Shadow version is also excellent. This is a bit too “expanded universe” for me, I’m really an old school original trilogy kinda guy. But as a MOC it’s brilliant.

John "jallenuk" Moore | November 10th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars

The Clone Wars: “Plan Of Dissent”

CW Plan of Dissent Preview

The battle of Umbara continues Friday with – Plan of Dissent

“The ignorant man follows, the wise man leads.”
After the Republic conquers an Umbaran airbase, General Krell orders Rex and his men on towards the heavily fortified capital. Realizing there’s a better plan, several clone troopers disobey orders to carry out a rogue, covert operation.

Check out the preview video

Robert "Robzula" Davis | October 29th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

The Clone Wars: “The General”

Clone Wars Preview: Episode 8 - The General

Clone Captain Rex has been given the impossible task of marching his troops overland through a ravine bottleneck in a frontal attack against an Umbaran airbase. Though he disagrees with his commanding officer’s tactics, Rex is devoted to his duty.

The preview video for the next episode of The Clone Wars is up. Check it out, and then watch “The General” this Friday night.

Robert "Robzula" Davis | October 28th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

The Clone Wars: “Darkness on Umbara” Tonight

Clone Wars Episode 7 Preview

When Anakin is forced to temporarily turn over command of his clone troopers to a new commander, the Jedi Pong Krell, tensions begin to run high as the clones are assigned with a very deadly mission to take the capital of Umbara.

“Darkness on Umbara” airs tonight at 8/7c. This looks like the must-see episode this season, so make sure you see it! Then, as always, give us your thoughts in the forum.