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Rob your man? What does it mean? Although I am unwilling to be the concubine of the demon king, he is handsome and handsome, and he treats me gently and thoughtfully at the beginning. I have fallen in love with him foolishly! But what about him? Ever since I knew the identity of your ancient lotus God, I only want you! Deceiving you into an interview, signing a contract, killing all the people in town and forcing you to marry him.. This is all to get you! What am I not as good as you that he would do anything for you? She said that the eyes actually shed two lines of blood and tears, you know, zombie tears and human tears are different, once the zombie tears must be blood and tears, and must really hurt the heart. I really can't figure it out, and I'm shocked that she would fall in love with the devil, but who can say clearly about her feelings? I had no choice but to comfort her: "But he did those things are harmful, why do you struggle with this?"? These sins will eventually be added to me, and don't you know that the devil tried his best to get me, not because he had feelings for me, but because of other reasons! And the only person he really loves is you! My last sentence was very strong, and I knew that was what she wanted to hear. Sure enough, as soon as she heard this, her eyes lit up. She was so excited that she almost climbed to my feet. She hugged my feet and said hoarsely, "Really?"? Does he really love me? Just love me? "You let her go quickly!" Mo Li beat her arm with a fan, looking very disgusted with her. Looking at Mo Li's plain dress,small gold wash plant, we know that he must be a neat freak. Lin Ruye is as dirty as a sow in the pen at this time, and it is normal for him to dislike it. Who would have thought that Lin Ruye did not want to let go of me at all, but grasped my legs more tightly with both hands, so that I could not move at all! Not even the possibility of retreating! I feel something is wrong! Sure enough, Lin Ruye suddenly jumped up and threw me on the ground with lightning speed. My long white gauze hat fell to one side. Then she quickly pressed my neck with both hands, opened her mouth and bit it down! Fortunately, I also had a thick gauze wrapped around my neck,portable gold wash plant, and she didn't succeed! Mo Li kicked her in the waist, and she howled and fell heavily to one side. Then Mo Li quickly pointed to her, and a fairy rope was tightly tied up again. You crazy bitch, what the hell do you want? Even Mo Li was so angry that he pointed a folding fan at her and drank. Lin Ruye this behavior is really incredible, obviously chat well, must look for a beating. I touched my neck, panting, and before I could recover, I felt the wounds on my face and neck that had just been bandaged open again, and the pain was very great! "How do you feel, Heer?" Mo Li took my shoulder and slowly helped me out of the cell. What, are you afraid? Don't you want to influence me with your ridiculous kindness? Give you a little lesson to escape? Lin Ruye sent out a series of rhetorical questions, obviously trying to provoke me. I slowly turned around, calm tunnel: "I want to save you, why do you so?" "Humph!"! Help me? Don't act in front of me. Those men are fascinated by you. I don't listen to that! I was tortured like this by the demon king, coltan ore processing ,chrome washing machine, but you told me that he loved me. Isn't that a deliberate insult to me? Think I'm a fool? "I don't care whether the devil loves you or not, but I have a way to make you a normal person!" I didn't want to say any more to her who was delirious, so I said what I thought directly. On the one hand, out of sympathy for her, on the other hand, do not want her to harm mankind. No need! I don't need your sympathy, if you really sympathize with me, let me bite you, accompany me to be a living zombie! Ha ha ha! How's it going? Do you dare? You are so unreasonable! There is no cure! This is the last time I reach out to her, and she can't blame me for being heartless. Shaking a folding fan, Mo Li asked leisurely, "Heer, what are you going to do with her?"? It's up to you! I looked him in the eye and said, "Master, please burn her for me." "Good!"! This is the proper style of the lotus God, for those who do all the evil things, there is no need to move the heart of compassion. ” "Wait!"! Minghe, don't you want to know how the Demon King makes zombies with living people? You don't want to know his latest plan? I stopped, turned to look at her: "You say!"! I like to deal with smart people! I want to remind her that when she was my good sister, I often praised her as a "wise man". Sure enough, her eyes stagnated and she lowered her head slightly. But soon, she resumed that arrogant and domineering look, which showed no fear for life. She said sadly: "not every living person can practice zombies. Only people born in the year of the snake, women born Tomb Sweeping Festival April or Hungry Ghost Festival July, can practice zombies." I quickly searched in my mind to see if anyone around me met this condition. I immediately thought, besides Lin Ruye, there is another person! Thinking of this, I can not help but tremble all over! Ha ha ha! Ming He, you are so clever that you must have thought of your cousin Liu Zi, who is suitable for practicing living zombies! "How is she now?" I almost gritted my teeth and asked her, and my eyes were burning. I was involved in this melee is my life, but my family must not be hurt, although my life experience has told me that Liu Zi is not my cousin, but from small to large in addition to grandma, the most concerned about the most love me is only sister Liu Zi. Yo, yo, yo! I'm so nervous! Rest assured, she is still safe, but the devil is wantonly searching for eligible women, I believe she will soon be selected, ha ha ha! "Tell me, what does the Demon King want?" Mo Li, who had been silent all the time, finally could not hold back at this time. The devil. Uh..! Lin Ruye was about to say something when a hidden weapon went straight into her throat from nowhere and stopped what she was going to say! The blood spurted out in a straight line like a small fountain, and the death was quite tragic! "Leaves!" I shouted, a pain in my heart! Mo Li Daishen reacted very quickly,tin beneficiation plant, quickly blocked me with his robe, clapped his hands in the air, and soon the warders came from everywhere to surround the cell.

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