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The large French windows of the room were open, and the night wind blew into the room, blowing the snow-white window screens fluttering in the wind. The wind brought the fragrance of flowers, the clear moonlight illuminated the room, and the window screens fluttered in the clear light and fragrance. Everything is as beautiful as a dream. In the distance came the sound of the waves in the lake and the rustle of the wind through the forest. On the other side of the forest and the lake, in the small mountain range that Fang Wen had seen through the window of the dining room during the day, there was a penetrating wolf roar. Fang Wen, who was lying stiffly on the bed, suddenly moved, and blood gradually appeared on his pale skin. He began to breathe again, and anger returned to him. He rolled his eyes slowly and said softly, "This is so interesting.". Things should be as I expected. So, have a good time. Luo Gang said that gene repair liquid can make people have a very long life span. "What wonderful news!" Fang Wen chuckled. Chaotic party? Longmen? Who cares who you are! I'm going to get enough merit points out of you. With enough merit points, I can strengthen my strength as soon as possible. Fang Wen climbed up from the bed, dressed in a loose white robe, and went to the balcony, looking at the bright moon in the heart of heaven. The moonlight is like water, the night wind is like ice, and Fang Wen's whole body is cool. The strong Yang and True Qi in the body seem to have been compressed a lot. In a flower garden in the distance, an epiphyllum controlled by genes suddenly bloomed in large groups at this moment when the moon was in the sky. The elegant and beautiful epiphyllum blooms slowly, and the nozzle beside the flower bed sprays misty water mist, and little drops of water hang on the petals and stamens of the epiphyllum. The moonlight fell on the white flowers and pistils, and the drops of water echoed with a dense halo. Fang Wen gazed at the instant blossom, his face was full of sorrow and joy, and he was as lonely as a Buddha. The spirit of vitality is beating, and the sealed meridians in the body are gently blooming, just like the blooming epiphyllum. The fierce sun flowed back to the cyclone,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and when it came out again, it was already a dark blue wind. A condensed wind strength travels through the meridians, and the vitality absorbs some mysterious cold energy in the moonlight, and a trace of cool air is injected into Fang Wen's body. Fang Wen's hands waved gently, forming wind seals, fire seals, vitality seals and two soul seals one after another. Eventually, his hands formed a round ball of Tai Chi and embraced it in front of the Dantian. The body of the wind spirit is not the most perfect body. Fang Wen suddenly sighed lightly: "The body of the wind spirit only has an advantage in speed, but a truly perfect body should be as fast as the wind, as flexible as the forest, as explosive as fire, and as firm as a mountain.". Wind body, flower bone, snow brain and moon vein are combined into one, faux grass wall ,large palm trees for sale, which is the strongest body. "Is the super soldier project of the Academy of Sciences supposed to produce such a perfect soldier?" "Luo Gang's speed, strength and explosive power are all amazing, but his flexibility is too poor.". It's not really perfect. "I should be able to perfect my body." Fang Wen said to himself confidently, with a silver light in his eyes. The cool energy contained in the moonlight was constantly injected into the body, and Fang Wen's huge soul trembled, releasing a silver energy. Yuehua and the silver soul power are perfectly blended into one, and in Fang Wen's mind, another God is quietly generated. This God is shrouded in a hazy halo, which is the control of the moon. Five fingers of Fang Wen's right hand lightly, a little bit of clear sword gas released through the body, cut open the night wind, flew far into the field of epiphyllum, and smashed the five epiphyllum. It happened that a long wind passed by, and hundreds of broken petals danced in the wind and were swept straight into the sky. A bright moon hung high in the blue sky, petals flying in the wind, Fang Wen wearing a white robe, also like a flying flower, gently floating towards the flower field. With a flick of his finger, several huge epiphyllums flew up and were tied into a bunch by a white cloth torn from the sleeve of Fang Wen's robe. Vitality God releases a lot of energy full of vitality into the epiphyllum, which makes the epiphyllum more delicate and lovely. Afterward, the moon God a burst of shaking, a wisp of cold sealed the veins in the flower branches, sealed the flow of vitality. Back in the room, the meridians were sealed again, and the fierce Yang in Fang Wen's body had mutated. There is a faint silver light in the red sun, and there is a trace of feminine energy in the violent heat, which is more destructive, more concise and more harmful to people. At this moment, Fang Wen has begun to get rid of the shackles of Yu Feng Jing. Countless exercises and simulations in the state of pure soul make Fang Wen finally form a cocoon at this moment, waiting for the day when the cocoon is broken. Having realized it, Fang Wen got up early the next morning and ran to the restaurant. He ate the free food for three hours. Then he touched his round belly, burped one after another, and returned to the ground with a bunch of epiphyllum in his hands contentedly. Human Way Chapter 2 Return Chapter 34 Xiao _ Shuo txt Heaven Hall Chapter 35 Martina came out of the medical center's culture tank, wiped off the remaining culture fluid on her body, put on her combat uniform, and immediately ordered: "Call everyone!" In the meeting room of the base, Martina, whose face was still pale and whose tone was still a little weak, sat at the end of the long conference table and asked coldly, "Kevin, what's the situation now?" Kevin stood up, bowed slightly to Martina and said in a deep voice, "Everything shows that the rebels are indeed gathering on a large scale in Central and Eastern Europe, which shows that their target of action this time is indeed here.". Now the special groups under the Garrison Military District of the whole European region have assembled and sealed off the underground urban areas of the whole Central and Eastern Europe region,Faux cherry blossom tree, and they have nowhere to escape. "That's all?" Martina was obviously a little dissatisfied with Kevin's report. The tall and fierce Carew stood up and said in a deep voice: "The strike team directly under the military headquarters has sent out 100,000 B + class soldiers, and has begun to investigate all aspects of each city." 。

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