There’s a ton of mind-blowing things that came out of the Super Mario Direct. But one of the more surprising things at least in terms of Splatoon 2 is that there is going to be a brand new Splatfest. This isn’t just The Big N recycling a previous ‘fest like the last two, this is a brand new one to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario. The theme this time is Super Mushroom (super size) for #TeamPearl vs. Super Star (invincibility) for #TeamMarina. This Splatfest will be happening in January 2021 so it’s still a ways off.

And like the Final Fest from last year, there are special t-shirts you can order. They are $29.99 each and run in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. They can be ordered directly from Nintendo’s online store:

It took a couple of tries to complete the checkout process, so be patient and keep trying.

And lastly, there’s going to be a set of keychains that will be released closer to the event as a My Nintendo reward:

You know, for no longer supporting Splatoon 2 with updates, there is an awful lot of new content even if some of it was recycled ‘fests. I’m not complaining, not in the least. I’ll take what I can get. Love me some Splatoon.



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