Walmart Discounts Switch Pro Controller Down To $59


You may have been lucky enough to pick up a Switch before lockdown started. You may be experiencing the unfortunate drift issues with the Joy-cons. Nintendo may offer free repairs for those issues but due to the health climate, they aren’t taking in any repair orders at the moment. And there’s no way you can just buy Joy-cons at retail prices either. Demand is high and supplies are low. Well, now would be the perfect time to upgrade your Switch gaming experience with a Pro Controller. It really is an upgrade; the difference is night and day and so dramatic that once you start playing with one you’ll never want to go back to Drift-cons again. The proper D-pad is almost worth it alone. Walmart has them on sale for $59. Add one to your cart to see the low price.

Blah blah blah we’ll earn a commission if you buy one after clicking the link. You know the drill by now.

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