I know, it’s a bizarre title, but that’s exactly what happened last week when Wendy’s held the first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational. I didn’t catch wind about it until yesterday, but the whole tournament was streamed over on the Wendy’s Twitch channel. You can still view the recorded video if you have some time. The whole thing runs 2:12:25 and you’ll get to see a variety of Miis adorned to look like the Wendy’s girl battle it out to claim top spot.

In the end, Wendy’s was true to form on its twitter and congratulated the winner, Wendy’s.


Not only did they make 32 variations of Wendy’s, they made a slew of custom Wendy’s-themed stages ranging from a drive-thru complete with moving cars to a tray of food and one even features chicken nuggets dipped in BBQ sauces. I’m actually more impressed with the creativity of the stages than anything else.

The players were all CPUs for this tournament. No doubt to get the word out. At the end, as you can see in the tweet above, you could use the codes to download the three types of Wendy’s Mii fighters. You were going to need them because if you didn’t have time to create your own Wendy’s Mii, you wouldn’t have been able to enter their real player tournament the next day, called Queen of the Hill. The video of that is below:

Watch !Smash Queen of the Hill / Arena: 1G4L8 / Password: 444 from wendys on www.twitch.tv

There was no prize at stake, just bragging rights as far as I can tell. And if you thought the twitch stream was just a publicity stunt, well you’re not wrong. But it was still fun see a company take a video game, use it as a platform, and go all out in its thematic presentation.

How To Download Wendy’s Mii Fighters

It took me a while to figure out exactly how to do this cause it’s not very intuitive on where to use a download code inside the game. So here’s how you do it:

1. Fire up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and go online

2. Go to “Shared Content”

3. Press “X” to Search

4. Select “Enter ID”

5. Enter The ID for the fighter you want.

Here are the three you can download:

6. After entering the ID, select the fighter and then save.

7. After that, Frecklz444 Qual1ty, and/or R0aSt_Mii will be available in all your Smash games.

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