You Switch Owners Need To Upgrade Your Micro SD Card


And this is the card to do it with: a 512GB MicroSDXC card from Samsung. It’s currently $64.99, down 28% from the list price of $89.99. I remember when the list price was $199.99.

If you’re Switch owner, chances are you already inserted a higher capacity card than the one that came with the system. You should totes do it again with this one. Or maybe you don’t own a Switch yet and anticipate finding one under the tree from Santa, you’re gonna wanna get a card to hold all those sweet digital downloads. This is the card for you.

Breath of the Wild currently takes up 15.7GB, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate weighs in just behind it at 15.5GB. If you have a 128GB card, that’s already 25% of its capacity. You’re gonna need the space. Trust me.

It’s amazing to think that such a tiny card is 512GB in size. I mean, that’s half a terabyte. We’re approaching laptop internal drive sizes with this tiny thing. What is this a hard drive for ants? Yeah, it kinda is.

I don’t know how long this sale is gonna last. I want to say it started the week before Black Friday. Who knows, this may be the new normal price.

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