Smash Ultimate Ver. 3.0 is approaching, and with it comes the first* paid DLC fighter, Joker from Persona 5. I’ve never played Persona 5 or any of the other games of the same name, but they are massively popular so I’m sure there are at least ten of you out there that are looking forward to using him.

For the low cost of $5.99, you’ll get Joker, a brand new stage, and a selection of music tracks. You can buy the fighter by itself or as part of a Fighters Pass for $24.99 which will net you all five DLC fighters, their stages, and their music, netting you a savings of almost $5 if you bought them all separately.

* – I don’t really count Piranha Plant as the first paid DLC since it was available for free as a bonus for registering the game by January 31st, 2019. Also, it is not included as part  of the Fighter Pass. You can, however, buy it right now for $4.99. Other than price, the other differences between Piranha Plant and the DLC fighters is that Piranha Plant does not come with a unique stage or music tracks.

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