Because this little bugger just won’t pop! I’m a little over 1,300 SOS calls in and have yet to see my calling Pokémon pop out it’s shiny brethren. It’s been a journey of sorts: there are times when I’m patient, there are times when I’m rushing, and there were a couple of times in between where I’d accidentally kill the anchor (calling Pokémon) and curse up a storm. I’ve had doubts, I’ve had hopes. I’ve failed and restarted enough hunts to recognize The Different Stages of Shiny Pokémon Hunting:

  • SOS calls 1-30: “Let’s do this!! Let’s get to 30!!!” I’m eager to get past 30 because that’s when the chances of a shiny appearing are at its maximum.
  • SOS calls 31-60: “Alright! We’re in the zone! Any minute now..” Feeling good. My body is ready!
  • SOS calls 61-99: “Hmmmm….” Still feeling hopeful
  • SOS calls 100-124: “What the heck is going on…” Okay, it should have come by now.
  • SOS calls 125-150: “Did I already kill one and not realize it?” Did I kill one while on autopilot and not realize it?
  • SOS calls 150-199: “This game’s gotta be broken… It MUST be broken” Okay, it’s not me, it’s gotta be the game.
  • SOS calls 200+: This is where I start doubting everything: “Why did I start this? Why am I doing this? Why am I still doing this? Should I try a different hunt? Should I SR for a legendary? Should I play a different Pokémon game? Should I go outside?”

Like I said, this Zorua hunt is well past 1,300 calls. I told myself before that if any hunt ever got to a thousand, I’d move on to another Pokémon but at this point I may just keep going to see where it ends up at. But if I kill it by accident before I catch it

And yet another week with back-to-back PokéMondays posts. All I can say is that it’s been a week, an y’all deserve better than that.




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