PokéMondays: My Most Demoralizing Hunt So Far


Despite the anniversary of Pokémon GO happening with all of its events that more or less sucked me back into the game, I was still grinding away in Ultra Sun for shinies. Since my last successful trio hunt, I’ve been busy grinding away at two chess-themed Pokémon: Pawniard and its evolved form Bisharp.

Shiny Bisharp

Shiny Bisharp, 58/393

This hunt isn’t a typical hunt since Bisharp’s SOS ally its pre-evolved form Pawniard. The first shiny Pawniard to pop out came at 148 SOS calls. Not a bad start. I added it to my party to evolve into Bisharp while hunting for a second hoping it would be just as quick. Now, the thing about shiny hunting Bisharp is that he only spawns in a part of Ula’ula Island that is constantly raining, Route 17. And on that route, because it’s raining, there is a small chance that a Goomy may show up instead of the regularly scheduled ally. And there is a smaller chance a shiny Goomy may pop instead. And that is exactly what happened on my next run at 212 calls:

Shiny Goodra

Shiny Goodra, 59/393

I evolved it to a Shiny Goodra. I knew it was always possible, but the special weather allies were something I figured I’d have to breed to get shiny. Then, as luck would have it, shiny Goomy #2 showed up at 204 calls:

Shiny Sliggoo

Shiny Sliggoo, 60/393

That one I turned into a shiny Sliggoo. Two down in the Goomy evolution line. Can lightning strike a third time? Yes and no.

Shiny Scrafty

Shiny Scrafty, 61/393

I ran into a shiny Scraggy as a Random Encounter while rustling through the brush looking for a Bisharp. I evolved it into Scrafty. Three unintended shines later I finally get my original goal:

Shiny Pawniard

Shiny Pawniard, 62/393

This guy came around at just 67 calls.

Now, in my hunt for Bisharp and Pawniard, I never intended to look for a Goomy or Scraggy, but they crashed the party anyway. My OCD dictates that I try and finish the evolutionary line so I tried to see if I can intentionally hunt for a shiny Goomy. Scraggy would have to wait since its High Jump Kick move would kill it despite it not causing any damage to Ghost types. So I hunted for another Bisharp and grinded and grinded and grinded. I saw a total of 9 shiny Pawniards before throwing the towel in because sprinkled in between the 9 shinies there were a lot of accidental feintings of Bisharps. I’d have to restart the hunt all over again. And just trying to find a Bisharp in and of itself is a challenge since its encounter rate is only 5%. Every time I feinted the calling Pokémon I’d be demoralized a little bit more. The SOS count must have been just under 2,000 calls with no shiny Goomy to came along.  Like I’ve said before, I am my own worst enemy, and I decided to call it. I’ll either try and hatch a shiny Goomy or come back to this hunt and try again but I needed to end this hunt because it wasn’t fun anymore. My OCD doesn’t like it because bad things will happen. I’m not sure what those bad things are but they will happen. It’s a risk I’ll have to take.

After this mishmash of shinies, I’m at sixty-two down, three hundred thirty-one to go.

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