PokéMondays: Pokémon That End In ‘U’ Part 1

it's still Monday where I'm at!


Back when I was hunting Pokémon just to fill out the ‘dex, I came across a pair of Pokémon I’ve never seen before: Natu and its evolved form Xatu. They’re not the most exciting looking Pokémon, at least to me, and not even their shiny forms can save them from being typecast as extras in a Pokémon world. But I hunted for them anyway.

Shiny Natu

Shiny Natu, 15/393

Shiny Natu took 350 SOS calls. The time it took just to get this first one is even less exciting.

Shiny Xatu

Shiny Xatu, 16/393

The second Shiny Natu I turned into a Shiny Xatu and this one took slightly less calls, 328.

After catching these two I thought about catching Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu because alliteration reasons. Then I thought, “Huh. How many Pokémon end in the letter U?” Only 19, that’s how many. And out of that number, 16 appear in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and out of that number only 13 are part of the Alola Pokédex and can be shiny. Raikou involves soft resetting your life away after finding it in Ultra Space Wilds, Swablu would need to be bred from Altaria after finding it in Ultra Space Wilds, and Tapu Bulu is shiny locked. I do plan on getting shiny versions of those three, but not for this quest I’m on right now. I am using Ultra Sun as my main shiny hunting game, so the Ultra Moon exclusive Oranguru will have to wait because I need to get a foreign Ditto to breed him. I did manage to get the last 12 though over the past two week. Here they are:

Shiny Chinchou

Shiny Chinchou, 17/393

I hate this shiny. You have to actually pay attention and see the star animation to make sure it’s shiny. I prefer a more passive approach to shiny hunting, one where I can just glance at the screen every now and then to check, and then continue the cycle or capture. This one is virtually impossible to tell. If you look up the sprites online, it seems way obvious, but not so much on the 3DS. Maybe my brightness settings aren’t high enough but this one sucked. That goes for the next 5 Pokémon on this list too. The ONLY saving grace is that it only took me 29 calls to get it.

Shiny Pichu

Shiny Pichu, 18/393

348 calls.

Shiny Pikachu

Shiny Pikachu, 19/393

I’m actually keeping this on in my party and taught it Thunderbolt and Iron Tail, you know, for no reason at all. Plus it has its hidden ability! 173 calls for this beauty.

Shiny Raichu

Shiny Raichu, 20/393

I can’t really fault this one for it’s color scheme. It’s pretty noticeable but I still attest that Pichu and Pikachu are bad shiny colors. 139 calls.

Shiny Mimikyu

Shiny Mimikyu, 21/393

I’d like to thank this Reddit post for the tips on how to hunt this one. Skill Swap wouldn’t work so I had to teach my Starmie Recycle. Also used Pangoro with Mold Breaker ability to bypass the Disguise shield. Here’s a hot tip: if you have a low level Pangoro, teach it Shadow Claw. It’s super effective against Mimikyu and has an increased chance for a critical hit. Use a Dire Hit in battle and you’ll be getting criticals left and right. This is important for a low level Pangoro so you can farm through Mimikyus as quickly as possible. With that set up, it only took 109 calls to get the more adorable grey Shiny Version.

Shiny Togedemaru

Shiny Togedemaru, 22/393

If I didn’t witness the star animation, I probably would have fainted this one. 188 calls.

Shiny Pyukumuku

Shiny Pyukumuku, 23/393

Now this is a shiny I can appreciate. It’s quite obvious that it’s a shiny. 128 SOS Calls

Shiny Riolu

Shiny Riolu, 24/393

This is not the first Shiny Riolu I came across. Rather it’s the second and it took 289 calls. The first one only took 8 calls. EIGHT!!! But I stupidly switched out my Decidueye who is immune to Riolu’s Final Gambit move and then the stupid thing fainted itself. I was going to try and swap Pikachu in, have it use Thunder Wave to paralyze it and prevent it from calling allies, and then catch it in a regular Poké Ball. That plan failed spectacularly. Never again! I ended up just using an Ultra Ball for this one.

Shiny Staryu

Shiny Staryu, 25/393

Hano Beach is the best place to find this guy. The pile of sand can only be one of two Pokémon, this one and Sandygast. It took several attempts because I am my own worst enemy but the final run took 302 calls before this guy showed up.

Shiny Furfrou

Shiny Furfrou, 26/393

This one only took 119 SOS calls. I like that its shiny form is the complete opposite of its normal form, like a photo negative.

It’s been quite a fruitful two weeks I’d say. Twenty-six down, three hundred sixty-seven to go.


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