PokéMondays: I Am My Own Worst Enemy

It's still Monday where I'm at.


I only have one shiny to report this week, mostly because I have a themed post I’m trying to complete and I’d be much further along if I wasn’t such a doofus. Here’s what I caught:

Shiny Pelipper

Shiny Pelipper, 14/393

This was actually a completely Random Encounter shiny of Wingull. And the RE shinies are the best shinies since it literally takes no work to do. I decided to evolve it to Pelipper because farming for Wingull is less resource intensive than Pelipper. So here he is, number 14 out of 393. Three hundred seventy-nine to go.

It’s things like this along with low SOS calls that keep me going. I’ve bungled more SOS battles than I care to admit and I have no one else to blame except myself. Here’re couple of things I’ve learned to do and not to do while shiny hunting:

  • Save after every capture.
  • Don’t absent-mindedly spam the L button while waiting for something or doing something else. You’ll more than likely kill the Pokémon you Harvest’ed and Trick’ed.
  • Don’t hunt while in a position where you are likely to fall asleep.
  • Don’t hunt while in a position where you are likely to fall asleep and have your 3DS slip and fall on to the ground and have the game cart pop out. Lost two Shiny Pichu’s this way.
  • Save after every capture.
  • Don’t ignore the blinking red light that’s telling you your battery is about to die.

All that being said, there is one thing I CAN blame the game for and it’s shinies that don’t look very different from their generics. I’m looking squarely at you, Chinchou and Poliwhirl. You guys need to demand a better paint job ’cause you guys suck. I’m sure there are more, but right now, you two are off the list.



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