It’s still Monday where I’m at so I’m still allowed to call this a PokéMonday post, but I just now completed my living Alola dex in Ultra Sun. I have my Shiny Charm and I’m ready to begin the Living Shiny Alola Dex. Some random thoughts:

  • If you look at the video, I arranged my Pokémon with a space in between so that I can have the regular and shiny versions side-by-side. It makes sense to arrange them this way right now to make it easier to see where the holes are that I need to fill. But by the time I transfer them to Pokémon Bank, I may have to change that.
  • Getting Baltoy, Golett, and Gabite from Haina Desert was probably the most painful Pokémon to get. Especially Baltoy and his stupid Self-Destruct move. That move can go to hell. I had to go find a Psyduck with Damp ability, level it up to the point where he wouldn’t die in one hit from anything, and then go back and try to get Baltoy to pop again while making sure I had enough potions and berries.
  • Bulbapedia has been an absolute essential resource to find the more obscure Pokémon like Dratini, Lapras, and Bagon. Yeah, come to think of it, Bagon was a pain in the butt to get too.
  • Remoraid‘s evolution into Octillery is probably the most bizarre one I can remember and makes absolutely no sense.

  • Today I learned that there is a Nurse outfit that is gifted to you post-game: a skirt, top, and a hat. I have no idea what the equivalent boys gift outfit is but I’m sure there is one.
  • There’s also a super-expensive outfit modeled after the Lurantis Pokémon. Total cost ends up being 2.4 million Pokébucks. And it looks something like this (not my photo, image url taken from here):

    Again, there’s probably a boys equivalent but I’m too lazy to look it up.

  • My next move is to get an Phantump with Harvest in my party. I’m looking long-term on when to use it, because by the time I get to hunting shiny legendaries and ultra beasts, I need to make sure they won’t struggle itself to death. Big thanks to this video for the tips.
  • Corsola is still my favorite basic Pokémon.




  1. As you might have seen from glancing at their respective Bulbapedia articles, Remoraid is based on an archerfish, so the idea is that a fish revolver evolves into an octopus tank. I’ll admit that the connection is tenuous at best, but it’s there. The resemblance is a little more visible in their beta sprites.

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