Great Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deal at Amazon, Target


Both Amazon and Target are having an awesome Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal across a couple of product categories like books, movies, board games, and video games. You can mix and match across categories too. This is the kind of sale Target usually has every quarter or so, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it started there and Amazon is just trying to match. No matter, because it’s a great deal regardless of which vendor you choose.

To maximize your savings, you’ll want to pick three similarly priced items since the cheapest item will be free. If you’re looking into increasing the size of your video game backlog, some picks I can recommend would be Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition ($32.49), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 ($33.99), and Star Wars Squadrons ($39.99). Not a bad haul for $80 or so.

Board games? This is what I’d go with: Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion (Target $40.99 | Amazon $40.91), Splendor (Target $35.99 | Amazon $32.99). For a third game, of course I have to recommend original flavor Pandemic ($35.99) for multiple reasons from Target. Amazon‘s price is already pretty cheap for it ($23.99 after coupon) so if you’re buying from there I’d add Lord of the Rings: The Card Game ($39.99) instead.

There are tons of other things that are part of the deal so take a gander over at Amazon and Target. Deals end on Saturday February 13th and in the case of Target are good both in store and online but the online selection is way better and safer obviously.

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