Increase Your Switch’s Memory 16-fold to 512GB With This Incredible Deal


Samsung is known for making reliable, solid flash memory and their MicroSD cards are no exception. The Samsung EVO 512GB MicroSD card is at an all-time low at $99.99, 50% off the retail price. It comes with an SD card adapter to fit into devices that accept that format. It’s a U3 class card, meaning it’s fast enough to deliver 4k video without stuttering. So if you don’t use it to replace that paltry 32GB card included with your Nintendo Switch, you can use it just about anywhere else that accepts MicroSD or standard SD cards. Nintendo has stated before that they expect the Switch to last five to six years. That’s a lot of time to be acquiring games; make sure you have the space for all of them. I have a 128 card and I’m thinking of getting this just because.

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