I’ve been a Prime Member for years now; first for the shipping break and speed, then for the deals, and the streaming, etc. When Amazon bought Twitch, they quickly rolled it into being a perk for Prime Members as well… link your Prime to your Twitch account and get free stuff!

Right now they have an especially nice deal going on for Switch owners… in that they will give you up to 12 free months of Nintendo Switch Online (3 months now, 9 more months 60 days later). Chances are you’ve already got the service, and this is cumulative with any existing subscription. There are also free goodies for other games on a variety of platforms, free PC games. And if you have Prime, all you need to do is claim what you want on Twitch and link your account to their service.

And with this partnership, maybe that means that the Switch will eventually get some form of streaming support on the platform, but who knows…

Don’t have Prime? It’s worth the money for most people who shop through Amazon, stream stuff (I think it’s the only service with all the Star Trek shows, sans Discovery, right now), or do… basically anything. The Twitch Prime part is a bonus on top of that, and just comes as part of it. In short, it’s worth it.


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