Yeah, I love me some Fallout. Our recap of the Bethesda press conference is coming a bit later, but I saw this little gem and knew it was going to sucker me big time. I actually own the Pip boy from the Fallout 4 special edition, but that was a cool, but certainly not perfect, product. It was too plastic, too glossy, and wasn’t really useful with the smartphone requirement (especially since with the iPhone 8 Plus, which I now have, doesn’t fit in it).

Enter, the Pip Boy 2000 Mk VI Replica from the upcoming Fallout 76. Not only does it come disassembled with about 100 parts, giving the fantastic thrill of building up some awesome tech, the whole thing can live in the box or on a stand. At 150 caps, it’s not the cheapest replica around, but it certainly looks amazing.

Yeah, I already pre-ordered mine. Bethesda is getting a lot of my caps come November. I may not be buying many games between now and then…

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