I don’t know how I missed this but I am hyperventilating just thinking about it. One of the best GameCube games out there. It comes out on May 29th! That’s just four days! FIVE DAYS!

You can pre-purchase Ikaruga right now for a mere $14.99. An absolute steal for probably the best shooter ever made.


  1. Whaaaat…. naming freaking Ikaruga as the “best shooter ever made” when there’s stuff like G-Darius, Gradius Gaiden, Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius, or Batsugun Special… I think Gradius V and even Radiant Silvergun, Treasure’s other overrated game, are better shooters than Ikaruga.

      • G-Darius: ability to capture enemies and mini-bosses, as well as the ability to absorb a boss’s beam attack to power up your own (with relevant score multipliers); branching paths
        Gradius Gaiden: 4 different ships and the ability to customize your upgrade bar
        Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius; over a dozen playable characters, combination of Gradius-style powerups with TwinBee-like bell scoring, zany as all get-out
        Gradius V: multiple weapon setups like other Gradius titles, but with the added ability to lock options in place; also addresses a common complaint about shooters by being fairly lengthy
        Radiant Silvergun: having six different weapon types available to you at once, including a sword that can cancel certain shot types

        etc., etc. Granted, Ikaruga sets itself apart from all of these by shifting the focus away from the core “shoot and dodge” gameplay, and if that’s what turns you off to other shooters in the first place, the other games I mentioned won’t appeal to you any more than Dune II or Command & Conquer would appeal to a Castlevania fan.

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