Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy and musical guest Ariana Grande performed a song in the same vein as Classroom Instruments but using Nintendo Labo instruments instead. This is a fascinating video to watch as it really demonstrates what can be done with the Toy Con Garage kit.

I picked up the Labo kit and while some of the “games” lean a bit more toward just being a tech demo, the Garage kit, where you can make your own creations, is where a lot of potential lies.

Here is the full instrument breakdown, list taken from the YouTube page:

  • Ariana Grande – Vocals
  • Jimmy Fallon – Guitar, Piano Studio
  • Questlove – Robot Kit
  • Black Thought – Electric Guitar Fishing Rod
  • Kamal Gray – Toy-Con Piano x2 (Organ)
  • James Poyser – Toy-Con Piano x2
  • Captain Kirk – Acoustic Guitar
  • Mark Kelley – Bass Guitar
  • Stro – Toy-Con Garage Drum Machine

They cut out any part that had the triangle that Ariana was holding. Maybe there was an audio issue. But regardless, it’s a pretty fantastic piece. I mean they tuned Black Thought’s fishing reel into an electric guitar!

And for a brief sneak peak on how it all came together, check out the teaser video below.


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