Got a text earlier today announcing that today’s Treasure Truck item was none other than Nintendo’s new play system, Labo. The email said there’d be games and prizes so I forewent the GCU discount from Best Buy to see what Amazon could offer. I was not disappointed. Look at my loot!

Here’s what I got:

  • The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit.
  • Two Switch lanyards.
  • Two Switch pens.
  • A stack of Switch lens cleaning cloths. You can never have too many cleaning cloths.
  • A Switch promotional logoloop.
  • A Labo promotional pamphlet.
  • And a red Switch shirt. I got the last XL!

Not pictured were three tootsie rolls from the treasure chest that my kids already inhaled.

The email promised games and prizes and it was true! There was a simple bean bag toss game where if you made a shot, you can pick something out of the Treasure Chest.

They were also raffling away a Nintendo Switch. All in all, I gotta say it was a pretty great experience. The two guys running the Truck were super friendly and more than generous.

This is the second Nintendo item I was able to score from Amazon’s Treasure Truck. The Truck mostly offers perishable goods like meat or fish, but every now and then it’ll be an electronic item. Today’s Labo offering was one of those rare times and was worth giving up the GCU discount for.

I’ll be building one or two things over the weekend with my kids and will most likely write up a small review. I can tell you right now though that I will probably love it.

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