I told Ken I’d never do this and would rather wait for a patch, but my OCD got the better of me and I did this whole reset and then the patch came out and I was all like “D’oh!” and then I decided to just burn through game. My not so smart was well documented in this post. I should have just waited…

Anyways, I got past the Unobtainable Brick level and did get the brick this time. That was my first hurdle.

Next thing I needed to do was to get the last three achievement I couldn’t get before: Master of Disguise, Master of Completion, and Grand Master of Trophies.

After I verified my trophies, I went back to the character selection screen and noticed that I was still missing one character. He is not needed to get 100% completion, but not having it unlocked was making my OCD go into overdrive. Luckily, I found this obscure YouTube comment that had a code that was not found on any other cheat code list: EFZ2XR. I tried it out and voila! Hooded Luhloyd unlocked!

Hooded Lloyd Secret Character
Hooded Lloyd with his elemental weapon. Unlock him with code EFZ2XR. Enter the code on any Free Play level.

There was no extra achievement for this, and there was no way to get him in the game without the code, so it’s not really a cheat, by my standards anyway. I can finally retire this game and move on with my life.

Completely unrelated, but anybody out there wanna buy a used game?

After dabbling in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 earlier today, and coming back to NINJAGO, LMSH2 definitely feels like a step back. TLNM game is the superior of the two. I’ll have a full review of LMSH2 in the coming days.