TLNMVG version 1.02

I fired up the PS4 last night to plug in an ethernet cable and noticed that there was a patch out for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game. It brings the version up to 1.02. The patch file was almost 11 gigabytes big. This may have fixed the unobtainable brick glitch that I ran into a couple of weeks ago. I say “may” because there is no way for me to verify and I can’t find any patch notes anywhere. Plus, the only other person I know in real life that bought the game managed to avoid the glitch.

And the reason why there was no way for me to verify is because, at some point in the past, I decided to erase my save file and start again. The game goes by pretty fast so I figured if I can play for a couple of minutes at a time at night before going to bed, I can get right back up to where I was before and try to avoid the glitch again. All to 100% the game. Being stuck at 99.7% was just not good for my OCD. Erasing my save file was not a smart move; I realize that now. I think at the time, I didn’t know I could just start a new game file. Lesson learned.

So I restarted the game last night, played for maybe 30 minutes and I’m already on Chapter 3. This should be a breeze, and hopefully, this time, I’ll be able to complete the game.