The Unobtainable Gold Brick

Well, this sucks:

I somehow managed to do the tornado build up on top of that ruin, without getting my gold brick payoff. So I’m stuck at 99.7% of the game because of this. Doing a quick Google search yields more hits about this unobtainable gold brick and more people having this problem. The only solution is to start a new game which isn’t a solution.

Will TTGames patch this bug?

::me vigorously shaking Magic 8-ball::

“Don’t count on it.”


Just missing the 1 gold brick. Oh, and 2 minifig packs which I can’t get until I get that gold brick. And I can’t 100% trophy this game until that bugged out gold brick is patched.

C’mon, TTGames, do the right thing and fix this bug.