Finished TLNMVG And My Final Thoughts


I finished up to the end of Chapter 11 of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game last week and then took a break from gaming. Those pesky work commitments. I went back to it last night and picked it up at Chapter 12. So there’s that, Chapter 13, and then two Epilogues (**SPOILER ALERT**: The latter of which has you razing NINJAGO City to the ground as giant minifigs in monster costumers. Think Godzilla. **END SPOILER**), and then you’re done. I posted the last two videos of the story mode above and below. I lost my connection during game play, hence the two videos and I’m too lazy to edit them together.

And once again, WBIE has blocked one of my gameplay videos on YouTube. So I’m embedding the twitch recorded stream here.

Watch live video from fb2b on

Some More Observations

  • The staff icon looks very similar to the sword icon. If Luhloyd doesn’t unlock that thing you’re trying to unlock, you’ll probably need Master Wu instead.
  • I unlocked two more Ancient Scrolls: Invincibility and Studs x2. These are like built-in, unlockable Game Genie hacks. I’m dying to know what the other ones do now.
  • I couldn’t figure out for the longest time how to select a specific level in free play mode until I hit that giant touchpad button in the top-middle of the PS4 controller by accident. Why something like that isn’t accessible via a menu option is beyond me. I don’t recall reading a tool tip about it either during the many loading screens. If there is one, I must have just missed it.
  • Icons are still criminally small. TTGames should look into doing some kind of zoom effect or scale the icon size depending on screen resolution.
  • Story-wise, there are some awkward transitions. I chalk it up to “we’re running out of time; let’s release the thing already.”

I have a few more grumblings but none worth mentioning, and none that would change the final score. The game is not perfect and can still use some improvements, but I still think the game deserves a 5/5 stars and stand by my review. I’m in 100% mode now trying to get all of the golden bricks, minifig packs, and trophies. So I’ll be occupied for at least another week.

I look forward to seeing what LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 will bring to the table now other than the Giant Man minifig.