Some The LEGO Movie 2 Sets Deeply Discounted


Well, if you’re still looking for stuff to do while stuck at home, you should know that a number of sets from The LEGO Movie 2 are deeply discounted. We’re talking clearance price levels! And with so many to choose from, there’s no shortage of options. Take a look at the list below:

  • 70836 Battle-Ready Batman and MetalBeard is 50% off, $9.99: Amazon | Walmart
  • 70849 Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter is 40% off, $29.99: Amazon | Walmart
  • 10895 Emmet and Lucy’s Visitors from The DUPLO Planet is 46% off, $16.15: Amazon | Walmart
  • 70826 Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader! is 43% off, $16.99: Amazon | Walmart
  • 70824 Introducing Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi is 30% off, $13.99: Amazon
  • 70848 Systar Party Crew is 20% off, $15.99: Amazon | Walmart
  • 70830 Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship! is 47% off, $36.99: Amazon

As usual with these kinds of posts, I have to notify you the reader that FBTB may make a small commission if you click through any of the links and purchase something. And, as always, we thank you for your support.

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