Great Deals on The LEGO Movie 2


I never ended up taking my kids to see The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part in theaters so I was waiting for a deal on a digital copy. I figured I’d have to wait until Black Friday or something but I found this awesome deal online. Head on over to Amazon’s page for The LEGO Movie 2. Select the Blu-ray or 4k versions. Prices are $14.99 for Blu-ray and $19.99 for 4k. Add to cart and then proceed to checkout. Apply coupon code “10LEGO” and get $10 off whichever version you selected, making the Blu-ray version just $4.99 and the 4k version $9.99. An incredible deal. If you’re like me and don’t have a 4k player and have a friend that does, you can even split the cost making it super cheap to own. Each version comes with a digital copy too for super convenience. Each version shows “Temporarily out of stock” but as long as its shipped and sold by Amazon, you’re good.

And right now, you can select “no rush shipping” to get $1 credit for select digital items. Win win as they say.


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