With the latest leaks about the upcoming The LEGO Movie sets having hit the web early last week, it finally kicked my butt into gear into finishing this article. Fortunately or unfortunately, none of the sets on my wishlist are confirmed for January letting this article stay relevant and at the same time giving me hope that these could still be a possibility for the summer wave of 2015. There is a TON of set possibilities in The LEGO Movie so I went through and picked out a couple of them that I personally would like to see made. Yeah, I know what you’re all thinking, “Oh geez another one of those list articles” and I’m right there with you on that one. But I’ll be honest. I just really like making animated gifs.

And I would have peppered the entire list with them but the file sizes were getting out of hand. Or so I was told. I mean, what’s wrong with a 23mb animated gif file? Doesn’t everyone have broadband anyway? I was convinced to cut most of them out but I left a few in there for my own enjoyment.

By the way, these aren’t arranged in any particular order.

Wyldstyle’s Flying Super Cycle


It’s kind of a shame that you can’t build Wyldstyle’s transformed Super Cycle from the existing set, but I suppose if you could you’d have no reason to buy the flying version. This could be a cheap set with just the two stars of the film included in the set with a different set of facial expressions than what we got in 70808 Super Cycle Chase. Throw in some cops and maybe another police motorcycle to beef it up a little if need be.

Batwing vs. Bad Cop’s Baby Carriage

batwing3 batwing1

LEGO loves making Batman sets like Maury loves making paternity shows. I can only sit here and hope that The LEGO Movie Batwing will actually be made and be part of the second wave of sets for 2015. It just doesn’t make sense NOT to turn it into a set. Its HUGE compared to the Batwings that have come before it and is a slight departure from the tried and true bat-silhouette top-down design. The set would also have to include Bad Cop’s Baby Carriage as well to fulfill the “vs” aspect that is so prevalent in LEGO sets these days. Plus, it would just be plain funny to have Bad Cop in a Baby Carriage as an official set.


The LEGO Movie Batmobile 1
The LEGO Batmobile 3 The LEGO Batmobile 2

Ah yes. We all remember that moment during the movie when the Batwing tranformed into the Batmobile. I studied that scene over and over while compiling this list and I just don’t think having a set where you could build both the Batwing and the Batmobile from the same pile of parts would be possible. No matter though cause there’s always room for more sets in a fantasy wishlist. I mean, look at the size of that thing. I can imagine it opening up and becoming Batman’s mobile command center or something. Or maybe a smaller bat-vehicle pops out of that thing. I honestly don’t care though, I just want it.

Police Cannon Wagon


There aren’t many other police vehicles left to be made and this one gets a place on the list for the mere fact that, yes, that is a horse in the driver’s seat.

The Pig Drawn Carriage


I was conflicted about adding this set to the list because a) they could totally do it but b) it would totally suck. I mean, it’s big brown mess of a set being pulled by pigs. The vehicle isn’t very appealing in any way and the main draw would probably be getting a bunch of pigs in one set. It would also be kind of hard to play with but if they fashioned a harness system for the pigs like they did with the sleigh and reindeer from the Santa’s Workshop set, it might work out. Some other accessories they could throw in to drive up the desirability factor would be a lightbulb element (which is just the maraca minifig accessory as I found out; and it should be made in glow-in-the-dark white), Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, and Emmet with a wagon wheel on top of his head and tons of sausages. They would also have to include the robot chick with the gun to mow down.

Cloud Cuckoo Submarine

Cloud Cuckoo Submarine

This, like the pig carriage, would be a risky set simply for it’s hodgepodge design. The thing I like most about this set is the pink scuba bear at the front with the articulated paws. It would have to be scaled way down in order for it to be affordable as a set, but there should be enough room for a few minifigures and the double decker couch from the new 70818 Double-Decker Couch set. It would definitely need to include sitting Kitty with a crying face at the very least with either Batman, Vitruvius, Wyldstyle, and/or Emmet.

Octan Delivery Spaceship

Octan Delivery Spaceship

One thing that was a complete mystery to me with the current wave of sets is the inclusion of Emmet in Robot Disguise in 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! set. It just left an obvious hole in the Movie minifigure roster without a Wyldstyle in robot disguise to complement him. That’s where the Octan Delivery Spaceship comes in to fill the void. It could also include Benny, Batman, and MetalBeard as a photocopier.

The Copper Chopper

Copper Chopper

Like the Police Cannon Wagon, this is one of the last police vehicles that could be made and I drool at the idea of having one in my hands. The Copper Chopper acts like a dropship where it transports a police motorcycle with two cops. In the gif above, you can see the motorcycle drop from the forward release mechanism with a second mechanism right behind it, meaning that it could carry two motorcycles instead of one. With the leak of 70819 Bad Cop Car Chase showing the exact same motorcycle being included, a Copper Chopper set with one bike could totally be done. This sits at the top of my most wanted list for it’s feasibility, design, play value, and overall appeal. Please, LEGO, make this one happen.

And that concludes our list. Only time will tell what kind of sets we’ll get for the second half of next year, assuming we get anything at all. I imagine with its box office success, they’d want to milk the film’s 15 minutes of fame for all its worth up until the sequel gets released. Some of the entries of this list is just me having a bit of wishful thinking fun, but there are still some holes in the set and minifigure line up that I hope will get addressed and filled in due time.