There are two concurrent promotions going on right now at brick and mortar Toys’R’Us stores.

First up is a a free gift with purchase: The LEGO Batman Movie Cave Pod that comes with what I like to call lounge suit Batman. It is Batman in a tiger stripe tuxedo jacket. It comes in a plastic case which I’ve never seen before but something like that makes me think LEGO had a bunch of them leftover from some other product and decided to repurpose it for this event and as far as I can remember, no such thing appeared in the movie. Anyways, it’s $5.99 value and it is free with your LEGO Batman Movie purchase of $30 or more. You may be able to just outright buy the pod, and you’ll get 20% off of that. Which leads me to the next promotion.


To help take the bite off of the required purchase for the free Cave Pod item, TRU is offering a 20% discount on all LEGO Batman Movie purchases. How sweet is that? TLBM sets on sale AND a free Batman polybag set? Yes please.


Both promotions run until June 17th, 2017 or while supplies last. Also, it would behoove you to call ahead. The first store I went to didn’t get the promo item at all. The LEGO item number is 5004929 if you need it. Happy hunting, y’all!