Less than a month away, and they’re still taunting us with new teasers for The Force Awakens. I’m surprised they had any sort of marketing budget for this film. I mean, at this point, who doesn’t know there’s a movie coming out and who didn’t make up their mind to see it or not see it as soon as it was announced. We get a few bits of new stuff here, including what seems to be astromech for “oh… crap.” Oh, and Poe and the reveal that Red Squadron is still kicking, while Blue Squadron has expanded the rainbow fleet (Blue Squadron also made a very short, explosive, appearance as part of the Rebel Alliance in the new comic Vader Down).

A couple of weeks ago, I thought we’d reached max Star Wars when I ran across Star Wars Jelly Bellys while out shopping. There was nothing Star Wars about them short of the picture of Vader on the package. Then, yesterday during the Cowboys game (and I presume all other American Football games), we were treated to the new Kay Jeweler’s Star Wars collection. My friends, I fear we haven’t even glimpsed max Star Wars yet… the Teasers are only here to soften the blow when the first Star Wars blood pressure medication hits the market.

On the other hand, the upcoming movie has also provided an endless source of spoofs, including this one from the crew of the USS Dwight Eisenhower. Look, I’m not saying that I would pay money to watch a movie about F/A-18 Super Hornets fighting a bunch of TIE fighters (complete with flight deck controller’s using lightsabers to bring ships in for landing)… but I would pay good money to watch that exact movie.