All of the clich- I mean “Heroes” of Star Wars Rebels


Normally I wouldn’t make a joke about cliches in any Star Wars property, but when you put videos there with things like “Street-Smart Hero” and “Cowboy Jedi” you’re just kind of asking for it. The idea of Rebels still has me pretty excited, but then I read the descriptions of the characters and I think that they’re not even trying anymore. Anyway, we have the full main cast revealed now through more than action figure or minifigure names, so there is that.

As a series and behind-the-scenes look, these are actually pretty cool, showing the animation process and concept art that went into making all of these. I can’t say if this makes me more or less excited to see it, but I am looking forward to both of the sets!

Hera, the Leader (voiced by Vanessa Marshall)

I actually like this video a whole lot more than I liked the Sabine one. Still a lot of cliche baked in, but she sounds like one of the most complete characters. Also very nice to see a Twi’lek that’s not a slave or a Jedi finally.

Kanan, the Jedi-Cowboy (voiced by Freddy Prinze, Jr.)

Ezra, the Street-Smart 14-year-old kid that “Works Alone”

Chopper, the “Ugly” Astromech made out of spare parts

Zeb, the Muscle who I’m pretty sure is going to say “That’s not a knife… this is a knife!” at some point

… I’ll admit that this one is worth watching just to see some of the concept art for Chewie

Sabine, who we’re already tearing apart in another thread.