Gizmodo Unboxes and Reviews That Best Buy Exclusive Star Wars Box Set


Despite my half-hearted attempts asking Best Buy for a review copy of the box set, they did not provide us a sample. But io9 got one and did all of the hard work detailing what you get with it. They answer the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind with the very first sentence of their article:

This is the one with Maclunkey.

There are two other things I learned from the post. One, getting the box set is great if you don’t own any other version of the movie on disc. If you own the Blu-ray movies already, it’s an upgrade for sure. How big or how small will depend on your feelings about and your capability to play 4k. One could argue that Maclunkey is worth the cost of admission alone though. And, two, I learned that despite being the biggest box set you can possibly buy for the Skywalker Saga, it’s not complete. There are some deleted scenes that aren’t included. That’s kind of a bummer because this being the biggest box set you can possibly buy for the Skywalker Saga, it would have been great if it served as a 100% complete archive of everything that was ever released. Still, you do get a lot of extra content and if you love the Star Wars saga with it’s ups and downs this is really worth getting. I wish I had $250 to blow on this but alas, I do not.

The box set is exclusive to Best Buy, costs $249.99, and is still available. It came out today as a matter of fact. And just so you know, if you buy it after clicking through the link, FBTB may make a small commission. I doubt it though. I’m pretty sure I got an email saying they changed commission rates to 0% after the lockdown started.

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