I used up all of my third-time first official poster jokes the last time I covered some Episode VII news, so I’m just going to go with some “Why So Serious” jokes instead. For those willing to brave the Dark One’s taint and touch Saidin, known as “Twitter” in our particular part of the universe, we got a rare treat today as John Boyega (Finn) and Carrie Fisher (if you don’t know, I can’t help you), gave us their character posters. Shortly after, we got posters for Han, Kylo, and Rey… and apparently they all are hiding something in their right eye.

Leia is the only one who can kill you with her brain, or the force, and that’s why she doesn’t need a weapon to cover up. I hear the force is strong in her family.

Poster - Rey

Poster - Han

Poster - Finn

Poster - Leia

Poster - Kylo Ren