The Senate from Episode I

Update: Working through some security issues. If you were having issues logging in, you should be okay now. Also, user registration is self activated. First comment is held for moderation. reCaptcha in effect.

Like the title says, site registration is now open. You can access the login and registration page from that link or from the strip at the top of every page. This is a different registration system (WordPress) from our forums (phpbb), so even if you can log into the forums and post and make comments, you’ll need to register separately. This will allow you to make comments directly on an article in the box at the bottom of an article page. You need to be registered and logged in to make comments, of course. Registrations have to be manually activated so please be patient if you register but haven’t been confirmed yet. It’s just me handling the approvals.

I couldn’t decide which image to use for this post. In the end, I chose the Galactic Senate scene from Episode I over the Slowpoke meme ’cause Star Wars, you know?

This is one of the changes I’ve been wanting to make ever since we rebooted a couple of months ago. There are a couple of other integrations I have planned in terms of commenting, but we’ll start with this for now and see how it goes. Change is slow, but the site is fun to work on again and I’m happy with the progress I’ve been making. Thanks for sticking with us.


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