It’s that festive time of year again, with too many bargains, music that you get sick of too fast, and the urge to smack anyone with a bell (or is that just me?)… and that means it’s once again our annual gift exchange. This is an official, but mostly unofficial, thing that’s put on by members of our forums, and is open to any registered members. Like anything that goes on in our Buy/Sell/Trade forum, we don’t take any responsibility for things that went wrong, but generally, we have good members and there have been a lot of decent stuff swapped over the years. We’re a bit slow on the ball getting this out, but there are still a couple of days to sign up if you’re interested.

Full details are below!

Details and conditions
1) Deadline is DECEMBER 6 at 11:59 PM Central time to participate, then I figure out who sends to whom and I post it here.

2) To participate, simply post in here. Please specify: a) the country you live in; b) if you will ship within your country or internationally. And please, try to be logical about where you’re willing to ship. If you live in the USA, shipping locally won’t cause that much of a problem for the drawing. But if you live in Greenland, you might end up shipping something to yourself ;).

3) Once the drawing is done and you know who you’re sending to, you must send a set, a MOC or parts worth approximately 10-15 $/£/€ to that person. Please don’t go all cheap and dump off your stash of say, unused Battle Droids on an unsuspecting person. Instead, look at the posts of the person and figure out what he/she is in to and what might make your gift really special.

4) Expect the same from the person drawn to send to you.

5) Ideally, since it’s a X-Mas exchange, everybody should be getting a package in the mail by Christmas, but experience tells us that it is not always possible. I will follow up with all participants to check if items have been sent and/or received.

6) Don’t put your name down if you cannot afford to participate or are just trying to score free LEGO without sending some out too. Anyone who participates but doesn’t send their side should expect to receive a negative feedback on the Straight Shooters list, with all the consequences that might result from this.

On the flip side, all who do receive their gifts are encouraged to post positive feedback on the SSL, as this exchange is considered by all means a trade made through this forum.

In other words, be a responsible adult about this, even if you’re not there chronologically.

7) People who agree to participate and then wuss out or don’t send their side will be publicly called out on here. I also reserve the right to give them silly nicknames and virtually laugh at them whenever I get the chance.

8) When you do receive your gift (and you will XD), please post here so I can keep track.