FBTB New Logo

That right there is our new logo, and if I did things correctly, you should be seeing it along with a brand new header up top. The threat of a redesign is now a reality and this is just the beginning. I revealed the new look late last week in this thread and went into the reasoning behind the changes in detail.

Ideally, you’d be using the latest version of Firefox/Safari/Chrome for your web surfing needs. The header takes advantage of the latest bleeding edge technologies of HTML5 and CSS3, but if you’re still using an older browser, like Firefox 10, or something less capable, like any flavor of IE, you should still be able to see almost everything.

The search function in the header is disabled for now, but the one over there –> on the right should still be usable. I’ll be cleaning up quite a bit in the next few days so bear with us while we make the transition.

Nick and I (and when I say Nick and I, I mean mostly, Nick) have been debugging and troubleshooting a WordPress plugin, hence the reason you’re seeing so many test posts. We’ve nearly got it back to working order. I appreciate everyone’s patience during all this.

Comments? Questions? Like it? Hate it? I’d love to hear your feedback. You can drop us a line at our contact page or leave a comment on the forum thread.