Monday, December 6, 2021

Testing Something

I apologize for this, but there was no way to test this without posting a news item. Thank you for your patience.

With Great Licensing Comes Great Responsibility

With the Comic Con announcement of the licensing of Marvel and DC there was a collective nerdgasm with LEGO and comic fans alike. There...


Mmmmmm. via The Cupcake Blog.
Trimming the Tree

Bricking The Halls! – Part 2 (The Tree Topper)

2011 & 2012 Well now you've decorated your tree. As you stand there basking in the glory of all the ornaments you built,...

Kids Build a BMW X1 Replica for Charity

I know this may be a bit outside of our usual scope, but it brightened my day too much not to post. 800 kids from...

Off Topic: Battlestar Galactica Auction

If you're a fan of the Battlestar Galactica series and live in or around the Pasadena, CA area, stop by the Pasadena Convention Center...

End of an Era: Star Tours Closing July 27

It's the end of an era: the Star Tours ride is going to be closing its doors for good on July 27th at Disneyland...

Anime Expo 2011

Just a fair warning, this post is completely off-topic, but since I used this site as my press credential to attend Anime Expo, I...

Congratulations To Ryan!

Big heartfelt hug to Ryan and Katie for delivering their second child, Connor, yesterday in the a.m.:

Zombies Ahead!

You've been warned!