It’s easy to forget that Toy Story 4 is coming out next Summer, in part because this is the sequel that no one really asked for. I mean… it should be good, Toy Story is one of the best movie series ever made. It’s unique, in that every theatrical release has been better than the one before it. The last one, Toy Story 3, felt unnecessary when it was announced, but managed to deliver a great film that had one of the most perfect, poignant, endings in a movie… well, ever. So I’m sort of reserving judgement, even though I’m not certain about it.

As for the trailer itself… it doesn’t tell us much, though it introduces a “new” toy that feels incredibly familiar to me (named Forky). If having kids has taught me anything, it’s that everything is a toy to them, and their creativity is a bottomless well. Pipe cleaners mixed with a spoon? I’m certain that my daughter has made something like that before, and giving it equally on-the-nose names (her most recent toy acquisition is a stuffed purple tiger, which she’s named “Rawr”).

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