And by Gutter, I mean Jon Favreau. announced the news that he’s taken up the job of writing a story that’s been in some sort of development for decades at this point. He has an existing relationship with Lucasfilm from doing some work on The Clone Wars (and apparently he’s also an alien in the upcoming trainwreck, Solo), and obviously a relationship with sibling Marvel and parent Disney. Say what you want about the Mouse, they have been good about taking care of their people and doing more cross-pollination between their big brands.

I wonder how many people even remember PCU, that glorious 90s Animal House “homage” that people my age saw far too many times? I mean, obviously, Jon Favreau has gone on to a lot bigger things, including directing Iron Man 1 & 2, playing Happy Hogan in the various MCU films, and Executive Producing the Avengers movies. Given the high that the MCU has been on, and in general the mix of nerdiness and knowledge that Favreau brings, I’m really excited about this.

Here’s hoping the Star Wars series ends up more like Peggy Carter or later-seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and not like Inhumans.


    • Technically his first real break was in Rudy, but PCU is what I will always remember him in. I loved that movie, and own it on DVD. Once upon a time, I had it on VHS, where it never got a widespread release. I had to special-order a used rental copy to get it, in those dark era days of the interwebs.

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