I’ll admit it… I’m really bad about showcasing MOCs on the front page, but every so often, you see something so amazing you just have to post it. Luckily, here, forum member Veynom posted his own thread on a build that had escaped my notice on Flickr. Built for SHIPtember on Flickr, this thing is one of those rare examples of a build that takes two decent sets, cranks it to 11, and makes you want the version over anything official from LEGO. Seriously, if this was for sale (and he won’t sell his), I would be trying to work it into my budget right now.

I’ll just plagiarize what he said about it in his post:

It had been a while that I wanted to modify the old 10019 Tantive IV in order to improve it seriously. When the 10198 set was released, I jumped on it but was also disappointed by several aspects of the model.

His MOC certainly succeeds at addressing those problems, and is packed with play features, jokes, and nice little touches. I especially like the use of the Escape Pods for the engines at the back (yet not for the escape pods). Maybe it’s the special position that this ship has in the heart of us old Star Wars fans, being the very first ship we ever saw, or cheering for the little guy right up until the Empire erased him from existence.


Oh, and it’s swooshable! You can check out more pictures on the forums, including a link back to his gallery, and see exactly how much awesome he managed to pack into this build.