Christopher Reeve Superman Mosaic

Who is YOUR Superman? Was Brandon Routh’s turn in Superman Returns your first movie experience or maybe you prefered Dean Cain, George Reeves or even Tom Welling based on the first television series you enjoyed. I’m sure there are more than a few that think of the voice of Tim Daly when the think of the big blue boy scout, but I like many others will judge all Supermen on the performance of Christopher Reeve. The Creative Brick Company has also created a series of mosaics including everyone’s favourite little green man, Yoda. Regardless, this is my personal favourite as Reeve will always be the Man of Steel to me. My hope is that they will make the plans for these available for download in the future, at which time this will be built, framed and hung in my house faster than you can say “Up, Up and Away!”.