Princess Leia Bust 3

Back around Halloween I made a suggestion that it would be possible to build a slave girl bikini out of LEGO, but Lego Monster has gone way beyond that idea and built himself a 1:1 scale Princess Leia Slave Girl bust. When I went to see RotJ in theaters I was five years old and picked up a copy of Tribute Magazine that had Leia in her metal bikini on the cover. I STILL HAVE that magazine and it was years later that someone pointed out to me that Luke was also on the cover, never noticed. This is a fantastic model and Lego Monster really went all out on the detailing and you should check out the set on Flickr.

And you’re right Monster, the profile does look a little like Kate Mulgrew. It’s a bit like having two of the strongest women in science fiction all wrapped up in one bust.