Enter the Joker

Superheroes are all the rage right now and in addition to our Wheels Of Justice Contest Eurobricks is running their first LEGO Batman Contest which highlights vignettes over vehicles in two seperate catagories, 32 x 32 studs and the deceptively more difficult 8 x 8 stud size. The above scene from Si-MOCs depicts one (of many) possible origins for the Joker based on DC’s animated film Batman: Under The Red Hood. It incorporates some great techniques and details without being too busy as many larger vigs tend to do.

Cat Burglar

In the smaller scale darkblne uses clean lines and smooth surfaces while maintaining enough details to keep it interesting and really capture the character as well as mood of the scene. Check out the other shots to see the background he built outside the window and a cheeky shot of the cat getting the cream.