Okay, so this week’s posts were all preloaded weeks ago in anticipation of me attending comic con and not having the time nor bandwidth to do these things daily. And the format of these posts follow a standard format where I write about last week’s winner and then move on to the new poll. Well, I had every intention of at least updating this post to highlight last week’s winner but if you’re reading this paragraph, chances are I forgot. I’ll make up for it next week when I’m back at home. In the meantime…

Last Week’s Winner

30454 Shang-Chi and The Great Protector won by a very wide margin and that thrills me. It’s a great polybag. So great in fact you don’t really need any of the other sets. Probably not what LEGO wants to hear but it’s the truth. It’s too good for it’s own good.

This Week’s Candidates

Polybag Set of the Week: Week 29

Pick your favorite set of the week for July 18th through July 22nd.

The poll has closed!

Remember, You Can Win Every Polybag I Review

I’ll be raffling every polybag I review this year in one big lot, all 260 sets (with the possibility of more). Each set will be individually bagged in a ziploc baggie complete with extra pieces, instructions, and the polybag wrapper it came in. The cost of a raffle ticket is just $1 USD and you can enter as many times as you want. Send a PayPal payment to paypal@fbtb.net for $1 USD for every ticket you want to purchase. DO NOT send one payment for multiple entries i.e. do not send one $5 USD payment for five tickets; five $1 USD payments must be made instead. Raffle is open to everyone in the world except where raffles are illegal. Be sure to put “POLYBAG RAFFLE” in the notes section of the payment in order to be entered successfully. Winner will be drawn sometime early January 2023 and contacted at the PayPal email address the payment was sent from to arrange for delivery. For a running list of all the sets that you can win, check this Google spreadsheet.

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